With The Earth Above Me

from by lpg



there is a hole in the sky it’s a trench I…
I watched the stars and thought they all shone bright
but Peter his old grandfather once said
if you have a dream of a flying flickering light
you’re saved

if there’s no reason to stay
you can feel it in your nerves
the night seems to be bigger than you deserve
I am in disguise
I’ll fly by

when I flew over the village I once lived
I saw a girl crying on the place I forgot
and only for one minute I wished I was back
with you

with the earth above me I began to fall
Venus on the left sorry Mars couldn’t say hi
my fear for someone who can catch me in space
is gone

now it seems all so crystal clear to me
my father raised a son and then he felt back for me
now it’s my time to say hi to God


from With The Earth Above Me, released May 5, 2008
Written by Anne Caesar van Wieren
Performed by lpg


all rights reserved




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